segunda-feira, 8 de outubro de 2007

Frank Kvitta

Frank Kvitta is a German Techno DJ whose predominant style in his Deejay sets and productions is Schranz. It is characterized by its high speed (often 150+ but never over 180bpm) and his DJ sets that incorporate 80's classics and other non-techno music.

Frank was born on the 13th of October 1981 in Langen, Germany. He made his first contact with driving, pumping electronic sounds in 1994. He started with rave and trance music, which brought him to hardcore. After listening to a tape labeled "Sven Väth Clubnight" he began to listen to every Clubnight on the German HR-3 XXL radiostation. Then he has started mixing.

In early 1998 a friend and dj-colleague, Markus Scholz, bought two turntables and a mixer. While Markus was steadily advancing his mix technique, Frank gave up mixing due to the fact that he didn't understand how mixing works. In the middle of 1998 another friend, Marcello Scacchiotti, also bought two turntables and a mixer. After hard practice day for day, Frank's first mixed tape was created. After a lot of parties and livesets Frank's first record was released in 2002. It was a remixed track on Tausendgroove Records of a project called "Two Men Working". so he became part of the Tausendgroove crew and was integrated in its label which is located in Darmstadt. Now he is bookable by the booking agency of Final-Groove crew. in a club called "Airport" Frank Kvitta gave a demo to dj Rush, who liked it and gave him the chance to release his first ep on "Knedeep Records". This year Frank started his own label called "Insane Records" together with ViperXXL.

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